About Us

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Hello, fellow dreamers and believers in the impossible! Welcome to Unfolded Universe, a little corner of the web where spaceships sail among the stars and dragons breathe fire in the moonlight. My name is Alex, your intergalactic guide, fantasy fellow, and founder of this digital haven for the literary wonders of Science Fiction and Fantasy.

A UK native with a penchant for coffee, technology and an insatiable appetite for books, I started Unfolded Universe to celebrate my enduring love for the wild and imaginative worlds hidden within the pages of novels. This is an online sanctuary where we explore universes that push the boundaries of possibility, delve into the depths of mystic realms, and encounter civilizations from other dimensions.

As a life-long science fiction & fantasy enthusiast, my journey started on Discworld with Terry Pratchett, navigating through its magical realm brimming with wit and satire. I’ve since voyaged with Isaac Asimov, unravelling the intricacies of robotics and psychohistory, ventured into space operas with Alastair Reynolds, and pondered the ethical implications of advanced technologies with Arthur C. Clarke, and who could forget the pulsating ride across the cosmos with Ian M. Banks or the heart-racing, survival tale spun by Andy Weir on Mars? From the complex social tapestry of Pierce Brown’s universe to the elegant word-weaving of Tolkien. Every world holds its unique charm, and I believe in appreciating them all.

Unfolded Universe is not just my passion project – it’s a gateway for anyone seeking a taste of the extraordinary. Whether you’re a seasoned reader, a newcomer to the genre, or simply curious, this space is for you. Each review on this site is written with care and consideration, aiming to enlighten without revealing too much. I strive to make Unfolded Universes a platform where we can all share our thoughts, discuss our favourite books, and celebrate the masterful storytelling that science fiction and fantasy offer.

Join me in this literary adventure where we unravel the boundless narratives and characters that not only expand our horizons but also reflect upon our human condition, inspiring us to ask the most profound questions about ourselves and our place in the cosmos.

So, hop on your preferred spaceship or magical steed, grab a cup (or glass) of your favourite tipple, and let’s traverse these interstellar roads and magical trails together, one page at a time.

Happy reading!